How your websites help small businesses

info_websiteThere are billions of websites on the internet currently, and many more are being created and uploaded everyday. This has caused the internet population to grow at extraordinary rates. Hundred’s of millions of people around the world use the internet looking for the consultation formĀ SEO agency company in Malaysia. The growth is especially noticeable in some of the most heavily populated areas in the world. Notably India, and China. As China entered the manufacturing age, they started providing the world with some of the cheapest electronic goods available. Among these are computers, making it possible for even a larger group of people to have access to the internet. Web surfers now reach into the hundreds of millions, and are constantly growing. The age will soon come and to some extent has already come, where the average person is expected as already having a computer, and as having access to the internet. Businesses are beginning to learn that the lack of a website could mean the beginning of their downfall.

Though it is common to hear reports of online identity theft, websites and payment processing companies (such as PayPal) are becoming continually safer. Eventually identity theft will be completely obsolete, or at the very least not a major concern for most people. People will feel much safer shopping online, and thus the amount of people who are surfing the net with the intent of purchasing a product will begin to grow. Many businesses which don’t own websites of their own, will have a harder time competing in today’s E-marketplace.

When the internet first appeared, and companies started selling products online, only a few major companies were able to offer secure transactions. This however has changed dramatically. Any company can now offer 100% secure transactions from their websites. It is now common place to see billions of dollars being exchanged through websites.

When the internet was first invented, it was very slow from today’s perspective. Dial-up was extremely common, and at first was the only option, and very few people used broadband to access the internet. This made it impossible to create very sophisticated sites. Today, however the internet is much faster, and websites are starting to have more and more potential. Today’s website owner or “webmaster” can add audio, videos, and other such things to their website, and still have the page load relatively fast. This means that the webmaster is not limited on what he or she can do with his or her website.

Because of these things small businesses are being forced to move their company into the digital age, by creating a website for there small business. Those that fail behind will have to suffer the consequences as more and more companies move their company online to create a digital presence. They will also miss out on an opportunity to make many more sales than they had been previously able to do, and are losing money with advertising by not having a small business. Already internet advertising is a billion dollar industry, and growing. Eventually the majority of advertising will be done online. Advertising online requires a website to direct traffic to. This is why it is essential for every company to have a website.




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