An Overview of the Rencana Royale

The Rencana Royale development is technically located in TTDI within the Kampung Sungai Penchala. Its situation is behind the LX Mode in TTDI, just before the T-Junction at the mosque. This project, which is built on the reserve land in Malay, is, therefore, only open to Malay buyers. This development is affordably priced and incorporates various suites types. This development spans two acres of land with a total of six hundred and twenty-two units being housed within the two blocks. As a result of it being centrally located, Rencana TTDI Lowyat is supposed to be a perfect development and investment destination for Malay owners. The price ranges make this development an attractive buy for the market.

The difference in sizing of the offices at this project gives you a leeway in choosing the right office that meets the requirements of your business. This development also comes with facilities that are resident specific. They include a gymnasium, an infinity sky pool, pocket parks, game rooms, and a playground. A viewing deck is also found on top of this development.

The location of this development is ideally centralized for ease of connectivity to the biggest Klang Valley Hotspots. The Tropicana city mall and the mid valley mega mall are estimated to be eleven minutes away from the development. The Tropicana country and golf club and the Kuala Lumpur City center are also a few minutes away from Rencana Royale. The Kolej Bandar Utama and the one Utama shopping center are approximately ten minutes away from Rencana TTDI Review.

There is a limited number of units left in both towers that are facing to the north and south. Apart from the units of smart offices, you will access garden terraces on two floors, studio offices, retail lots, corporate suites and duplex offices, and two facility floors dedicated for business. Sixty percent of these units measure an average of four hundred and sixty-two square feet while the largest units measure slightly above four thousand two hundred square feet.

The common facilities in this development include the meeting rooms, prayer rooms, theatre, swimming pool, barbecue area, and gym. When you want to book this unit, the amount of money you need to deposit is minimal, and if you do not have the money, there can be an arrangement for a loan that you can use to finance the purchase and pay it in installments.

Booking an office room in this building is similar to purchasing an early birthday gift. You will be purchasing an investment that will work as a perfect investment for your generations to come. The Rencana TTDI Malaysia development is offering a seamless and easy solution by offering no purchase agreement, legal, or entry fees. It is perfect for those individuals that are starting out and an addition for those people that have been in business for some time.
If you have the urge to spread your wings for growth, it will be possible because you will have enough space for your aspirations. Having the luxury of working on two floors will offer your clients a luxury that is out of the normal office essence. Investing in this Rencana TTDI property is among the best choices at your end.

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