Advantages of Parquet Flooring in Melbourne

Parquet flooring Melbourne is made from various small hardwood pieces put together to come up with a pattern. These pieces are made of different types of wood and grains. Sometimes the pattern formed can be broad to encompass the entire room. Parquets can also form small patterns in the tiles. In such a case, similar parquet tiles are used in the whole room. People prefer this flooring type because of many different reasons.


These timber floors are quite durable. They are resistant to scratches and are not victims of daily wear and tear. Using hardwood makes these floors durable, and they can last up to fifty years or more without requiring resurfacing or renovation.

Natural Resurfacing

If your floors are neglected and fall into despair, they are quite easy to resurface. These floors are pieces of wood which fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. The thickness they possess makes it possible to carry out several refinishes and sanding before replacing the floors completely.


Parquetry flooring Melbourne is excellent for individuals with allergies, or those with small kids that can quickly develop an allergy. This surface is smooth enough for not allowing allergens and dust to hide in like rugs and carpets that harbor these unwelcome guests.

The Looks

The most vital aspect to consider before choosing on the parquetry flooring type is the final look. This look is sophisticated and appealing to many individuals. This look is both unique and hard to come by in today’s world of box laminate floors. The various wood types make matching easy to all styles and décor. There are many types available in the market, and all you have to do is to find the right design that meets your taste.

Beauty and Appeal

Since parquet flooring Melbourne is made of wood, it will give warmth to the area that you install it. Additionally, when you think of luxury and comfort, you need to think about wood flooring as a dependable source. When you are aiming at adding design to your floors, you can use parquet floors to lay beautiful designs and patterns with diverse color shades. The patterns that come from these floors make them usable in many hotels in the world.


If you are looking for a unique thing, parquetry floors are perfect for your choice. To make sure that each tile is unique, the materials undergo combination and then cut before installation. Each floor will possess various wood types and varied grains and colors. There are no two similar floors when it comes to parquetry flooring Melbourne.

Several patterns and styles possible

You can lay parquet floors in various styles and patterns. If you put in place a proper plan, you can create a decorative pattern that looks good in any space. This floor provides a unique look that differentiates it from other types of floors.

Value addition

Using parquets for your flooring adds value to it. Proper installation and selection of quality material are crucial factors that if not carried out well, the final result attained will not be satisfactory. Homes that have timber floors are in high demand and can fetch high prices on the market.

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