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"The controlled movement of genetic elements between cells of different species (gene transfer) and within cells of the same species (gene transposition) forms the underlying basis of the Biotechnology industry."

Transposable elements or "transposons" are natural genetic elements capable of "jumping" or transposing from one position to another within the genome of all species. Some transposons will only function within a limited number of host organisms whilst others are more promiscuous and will function in different organisms including insects, worms, fish and mammals.

Minos BioSystems has developed, with its academic collaborators, genetic tools using transposons and related gene transfer technology for diverse applications in the field of agriculture and healthcare including:

  • The large scale, low cost production of high value proteins in mass reared insect larvae
  • Gene discovery in insects, mammals and other organisms

The primary objective of Minos BioSystems is to maintain, reduce to practice and extend the existing intellectual property platform with a view to commercialisation of the technology through spin out and licensing activities.